Why would he send this text?

"You look good in your white dress"

We went on a date three days earlier and I never heard from him after until we were at the same NYE party... why wouldn't he just come up and talk to me if he really was interested?


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  • maybe he was with another girl


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  • -other girl with him...

    -he has a girlfriend and people around know her...

    -he's working on another one and people around know her...

    Maybe he's interested, sounds like it. But also maybe there is "any" reason that stopped him from coming to you. Disqualify for one mistake? Nah... ask him for another date and you'll know if he's interested.


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  • well did he text you at the party or after?

    • at the party

    • oh okay lol I don't know then maybe he wanted you to go over to him and talk to him at the party, I mean it could be that he had another girl but it could have been that he wanted his friends to know that girls come to him... but I don't know lol