He's jealous whenever a guy talks to me. Was he trying to tell me something?

i like this white guy (I'm black) and he's super cute/shy. we talk almost everyday because we work together/had class together. at any rate, we find out a peer of ours is dating a black woman (he's white) and he comments like 'wow, I wouldn't think he'd be able to get a black girl, he's whiter than me' and I was like 'what do you mean?' (curious, not offended) so he starts telling me he thinks that it's intimidating to approach a black girl and that he was just surprised the guy had the guts to do it . he also thought interracial couples were cool and strong minded and blah, blah, blah and that he found women outside his race attractive, but he wouldn't know what to do if he ever came across that situation (plus he comes from a racist town/narrow minded family - people outside their race are OK, but you cannot date them essentially). he says he hates that it's like that and I told him my family's the same, but I would still go for it as long as the guy was willing and that talking to him everyday made me see that it wasn't so different. he kept listening real hard to what I was saying...

so was that something he was trying to tell me for himself or was that just a conversation? he does other things to make me think he likes me (he's big on staring, even if I catch him, he'll take a second to look away), he's jealous whenever a guy talks to me, etc...


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  • I think he may have been trying to tell you something, certainly situationally, if he does like you, (which the staring could suggest) then he would probably be very happy to take an opportunity like that to show you his views on the subject, and show you that despite his background he would be happy with an interracial relationship.

    I think that, given the situation, he definitely could have feelings for you, especially as we now know his stance on interracial dating, although I sense that what he said was not directly meant only to be a signal, more like he was saying how he honestly felt, and that it may also help things along if indeed he likes you, which is entirely possible.

    And for the record, I am similar to him, I find women outside my race (Caucasian) to be very attractive.


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  • could go either way but most likely he is interested. as for the convo he might have just been surprised, I am always very surprised when I see a white guy with an attractive black and/or hispanic girl since it is very rare where I'm from unless both people are suburban. the asian where I'm from tend not date outside thier race to, although there's very little asian where I'm from

    • he actually brought this up days later, not in the moment lol

  • he already said he would never have the guts 2 come 4ward.. so it obvious he likes u.. so take the step an say hey I notice that you like interracial dating an you keep checkin me out an you don't have the courage 2 ask me so I'm tellin you we gonna date.. he will b like ok.. an there you have it..


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  • ooh. I wanna hear this answer too. come on guys hurry and answer. (hehe I'm a black girl too so I'm curious)