Guys what do you think my hair colour?

do youlike my hair colour?


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  • I think that it's too light in contrast with your skin. It looks fake. It makes your skin tone appear darker than it is, to the point of being unhealthy. Like you're the kind of girl who will get skin cancer or in 10 years look like you're 20 years older than you really are. Just my opinion but dark tans + bleach blonde hair just does not work unless your goal is to look you should be in a box packaged with a pink plastic corvette.

    • What he said.

    • Its fake tan I wouldn't dare take the risk of geting skin cancer...i don't no wether to darken it as I get a lot of attention with being bright even though I prob would look better ith dark hair

    • Well the fact that its fake tan doesn't make it look less unhealthy =P

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  • Very.blonde.

    You should probably tone that back a bit (I'm personally not in favor of fake hair color in general).

  • A little too blond for you. Needs to be darkened up a bit.


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  • cut it shorter and get it layered. and def darken it.dont go tanning so much. you look whorish.

    • How do I look whorish

    • It makes it seem like you wanna be stereotyped in the category because that's what prostitutes look not saying you are one but I really really feel you would look so much better with darker hair and please get rid of the fake tan it looks orange trust me you'll get more attention and in the right kinda way!

  • yeahh def get it a lot darker. with your tan you might even wanan go semi dirty blond. because you look fake. and there's this grl in mys chool like that and people think its repulsive.