What does this mean? He said I look like a girl he had sex with?

My boyfriend, Jim and I have been dating for almost a month. We both love each other and are pretty honest. He was over on New Year's Eve and we were laying down and he got a text from his friend Tanya. I asked who she was and he told me she is his good friend, like a sister. A couple days later he told me that he had sex with Tanya once. They weren't going out, they planned it for a few weeks. He broke up with his current girlfriend, had sex the next day with Tanya, then got back together with his girlfriend the next day. He told me that his girlfriend had cheated on him so he didn't care. Now this was all back in April and it was a one time thing. But, I was over Jim's house yesterday and I usually clip back my bangs, because they are too long and kind of to the side. He took out the clip and said I look so different and better with them down. Then he's like Oh my god you look like this girl I know. He shows me the picture and eventually he told me it was Tanya! He's like you look exactly alike. I don;t know what to think of this. It's bad that he had sex with his friend, but the fact that he thinks we look exactly alike bothers me. It's like if I don't have sex with him I'm afraid he'll just go to Tanya because she looks like me.


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  • Run?!

    On the other hand, he told you all those things, so at least he's being honest? I'm not sure that he should be messing with your hair though. I don't think he loves you, that's not love. For my part, I have a number female friends that I have had sex with... but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't say to my girlfriend "you look like..." So, yeah... weird, dude, weird.


    • Thanks for the advice. I don't know if I want to run though. I really love him.

    • Well, OK. You can always run later, I guess. He doesn't sound too terribly dangerous. Good luck then?!

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  • the fact he has already cheated on another woman should be a big sign to get out of the relationship, trust is a big thing and it seems you have already lost it.

    the fact you look like a girl he has had sex with just means he has a certain type of woman and this should not really affect you but I understand it does.

    it sounds like you want this relationship to go further but from what I hear it does not seem like he feels the same way.

    in my opinion; get out b4 he hurts you.


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  • Don't agree with dance backwards... Honestly, if a guy compares you with another girl, it either means that they aren't over them or well they aren't over them basically. I would suggest talking to him first and explaining how you felt about it. I mean, I had my boyfriend compare me to his ex...and I found out he wasn't over her...he ended up cheating on me... So yessss ask and if he says that "we're just friends" but it bothers you the way that he says it, I would say walk away from the relationship even if it hurts. Best of luck to you though :)

    • He never did anything else with her. I asked if he thought she was pretty and he said yeah but you're beautiful. He also said that she has a boyfriend and he has me so they won't do anything.

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