What's the difference between 'sexy' and 'beautiful' when referring to physical appearance?

Lots of people say the two terms overlap at times. A woman that is beautiful is also sexually appealing and men lust for her. A woman can be sexy and arousing without being beautiful, but it seems that a woman can't be viewed and admired as simply beautiful (unless the guy is related to her. Incest is disgusting.) I really don't understand. Would anyone care to explain this to me? Is beautiful mostly just a polite way to say that a woman's physical appearance is sexy?


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  • sexy can mean that your body is attractive, depends on what the person considers attractive though. but it mostly means you're sexually attractive. it could also refer to the way you dress.

    beautiful is more like, you're all around pretty, good body and face, hair, all that. and not just pretty, really really pretty.

    thats how I see it anyways...

    but I don't judge incest. I get why they like it, I wouldn't do it but I don't judge people for being different.


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  • beautiful - face

    hot/sexy - body

    • Weird. So, a woman's body can't be beautiful?

  • Beauty: Overall appearance. Not including sexual appearance.

    Sexy: Sexually attractiveness


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  • Sexy is more shallow and just like I want to f*** you. I almost find it degrading when people know nothing about me and just break out that compliment.

    Beautiful means you've got an awesome personality and looks to match.

    That's just my interpretation.

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