Do girls go more for looks or personality? What are the main factors a girl looks at to see if they are hot?

I've always wondered what girls think and how they see men.


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  • The main factor is social status. Women are attracted to men who are leaders.

    Evolutionarily speaking, the women who mated with tribal leaders or their friends had the best chance of survival as did their children. Men who could command the allegiance of other men had more power to protect them from the dangers of the world than men who lacked power and leadership. These women were the winners in the game of natural selection. They are the ones who passed their genes on and today's women are their descendants.

    A man's social status, and hence attractiveness, is not visibly apparent unlike a woman's physical attractiveness. Women therefore must test or look for indicators. Often they do so without even being conscious of it.

    Some indicators are:

    -Confidence and assertiveness

    -Posture and bearing

    -Clothes and style of dress


    -Body language

    -Looks (physical strength, handsomeness, height)


    Our sense of attraction tends to be almost inseparably tied to what triggers our "attraction mechanism". This is why we as men have such a hard time wrapping our heads around the concept that looks don't play a big part in female attraction.

    While men can be physically attractive to a woman, it's just not the same effect that we feel towards an attractive woman. A physically attractive man with low or no social status is still unattractive. A physically unattractive man with very good social skills is attractive (even if he's not her "type").


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  • Well it's a mixture of both. Only for me, personality plays a much higher rate! Girls do look for guys they are attracted to, but you have to have attraction to be in a relationship. But like I said, it's not everything! When a guy comes up to me, and I don't find him attractive...I don't automatically turn him away...because his personality might make me ATTRACTED to him. But some girls might be picky, like me kinda...there are certain things I really love in a guy. Like...he is taller than me, he is older than me...even if it's just a month or so...and he has meat on him. But I don't want someone JUST for their looks, I don't wanna date someone who is into themselves as I am...superficial is only for fakes. Personality is what helps make the relationship start and keep going. So yeah. Hope I helped.:)

  • i look for guys who are kind and caring. personality is more important to me

  • Well both are equally as important but to be completely honest looks are what we first look at, like at a party were not going to go over to an ugly guy. But once we get to know someone personality plays a much bigger part. For me, hotness consists of the body (abs), and just like overall face. I personally am not very picky when it comes to looks. Every girl who says looks don't matter is lying because the first thing you see when you see a guy is there face/body not their personality so it takes time to get to know their personality. Sexual attraction is important. I'd say looks are 30-40% and personality is 60-70%.

  • well, the REAL girls look for personality and looks are a DEFF SUPER PLUS!

    but the fake bitches are all for the looks, so your eyecandy and when she's had enough, *poof*, itll be like you never existed to her.


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