Do men's rate scales differ

When they are rating models/actresses/singers vs. normal women? Is the rate scale for models/actresses/singers higher than the rate scale for regular women. If you want, you can rate these women to get a better idea...

Normal Women

1) link

2) link

3) link


1) link

2) link

3) link


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  • Normal women (out of 10);

    1- 6

    2- 6

    3- 5

    Models etc (out of 10);

    1- 8

    2- 9

    3- 9

    So basically, yes they do differ but this is a terrible question. Typically those in entertainment are attractive. Also, in the examples you gave, the stars were wearing make-up, and two of the photos were photoshopped, all were by professionals. As for the normal women, they were amateur shots, little make-up, no computer editing, and let's face it, they're not the nicest of "normal" people.

    • I did this on purpose though. I think men realize when they are rating actresses/models that they are wearing a lot of make up & have been photo chopped. I think that is one of the reasons men give regular a break when it comes to rating them because normal girls dont' have a make up artist & photochop.

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    • Thank you so much dear

    • That's ridiculous.

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  • 1)4





    3)In the third link Katy looks like a 5 but in most pics and videos of her she's a 7.

    For me the rating scale is always the same regardless of whether or not they are famous.

    • For someone who says he is ugly you sure do have high standards

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    • Yes you have.Why would I make this up?I mean,you're irrelevant to me,you're on the net...the only reason I can recognize who you are is because you've called yourself unattractive and ugly.unattractive implies ugly,there's no other word for it

    • I implied I wasn't good looking and you assumed I meant ugly. Also, on that link it doesn't say that I consider myself to be unattractive.

  • N


    2-8 (would be nine but those tiny little dogs just p*ss me right off)



    1-0 (would be 8 but that bitch just pisses me right off)



    • So, do you feel like you rate women differently when your rating a regular girl vs. an actress/model?

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    • I didn't call you a b*tch?

    • Fine, I won't, because I'm a good person.

  • Those examples are terrible. Also rating women is stupid. Guys don't do it unless asked.

    • But they do, do it, subconsciously. Just trying to understand what you actually think... Also, why are those photos terrible? Those are average women, are they not good enough for you?

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    • Wow, I consider them to average or above average. They are definitely hotter than me, that sucks...

    • Aww well now I feel bad. :( I'm sorry.

  • The ''normal girls'' are ugly, except number 2. She's cute.

    These other ones are not pretty either - photoshop and make up make them ''not look like 'normal' girls'', but they really are.

  • "Not saying this against you or any other guy, just complaining but I hate that men have high expectations! What the hell do men want from me!"

    If you think that's hard try measuring up to a woman's standards for a man. I've been rejected on a first date because I wore brown dress shoes instead of black ones.

    • That woman was obviously on drugs...

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    • Drugs? No, but being a single guy on the "dating scene" you meet lots of girls like that unfortunately. If it's not clothing it's hairstyle, height, build, occupation, pretty strange.

      The most annoying thing is that the same girls who shoot me down as a dating prospect will still have casual sex with me.

    • That girl is morgan harrington, I think she was a kidnap/murder victim. Hopefully you didn't know that when you posted her picture up as an example of "rate this".

  • Models, actresses and singers aren't normal women, ofcourse.

    • LOL, you know what I mean. They are unattainable & usually much better looking than regular girls.

    • Haha, I suppose. I only really hang around models, actresses and singers though, being a photographer, filmmaker and musician, LOL. I've never met girls who look like numbers one and three, though. Number 2 looks like a model, though, haha.

    • The guy behind the desk in the backround of number 3 looks like a lej. I reckon he smokes dope and bets on cockfights or something, that's awesome, LOL.

  • They can.

    • Can you elaborate on this...

    • Ratings are subjective, so obviously the manner in which certain things are rated will differ from person to person.

  • I don't really rank girls on a 1-10 scale or anything, but celebrities are different than 'normal' girls. I would say that I find celebrities hot/sexy, but very few I would consider dateable. I am much more interested in normal, everyday girls and I know quite a few that can run circles around all of the celebrities I've ever seen.


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  • Of course. Well everyones scale is different and some peopel compare normal women to models or they have different standards it all depends on the person.

  • you can't compare hollywood to normal people

  • Obviously, everyone has a different interpretation of what beauty is to them. But obviously certain traits are universally attractive in most cases (big boobs, nice skin, healthy hair).

    • Yeah, I see. But I wondered if men had higher expectations of what women who are models should look like vs. regular women walking down the street. For example, I might usually be a 5 to men, but if tried to model, I'd be considered a 1 compared to the rest of the models...

    • No. Men know that celebrities and models don't look like that in actuality. And you'd be just as good looking as other models if you went through the same beauty processes they did.

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