He looks at me all the time then turns his head - does this mean anything?

I like a boy who goes my school and my school is quite small with 80 people in it , I am not in any of he's lessons but I notice him and see him at breaks / dinner and I see him sometimes going to he's next class.

He is mates with my form mates so I don't want to ask him anything or talk to him in case he tells them,

i have never talked to this boy , all I know about him is his name his age and that he is single but I do like him and he looks at me all the time then turns he's head when he see's me ,

i wanted to know if that means anything,


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  • Sounds like he thinks you're cute, is interested in getting to know you, but he's also shy and doesn't know how to approach you.


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  • I say go for him, try talkin to him or adding him on fb, and talk to him on there if your too nervous to do it in person and see if he is flirty.


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