Lip rings on girls? lip rings on horse riders?

I'm 17 and I've wanted a lip ring for the past 5 years but haven't dared due to the fact I do a lot work with horses and have been afraid it will get torn out. what are peoples opinions? do lip rings look good on girls? does anyone who horse rides have lip piercings? how easy are they to pull out (would have to wear a bar around horses of course). opinions please :)
another problem, I've have a rather babyish face and have been told I may not suit one. what type of women suit a lip piercing?


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  • If you want it done, get it. You can always take it out if you personally don't like it. Since you work with horses, I'd make sure to pick up a stud to put in it when you're working with them just incase. I work with horse too and with them, you never know when their going to move their heads or bodies. It's so easy to get pushed around by them.

    As far as having a babyish face, all my friends that have like snake bites, monroes, or studs/rings all have baby faces and they look good.

    It'll suit you as long as you like it, who cares if someone else doesn't think it works on's your face not theirs.


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  • If you can pull off looking good with lip piercings then go for it. I've seen a lot of attractive women look good with lip rings.


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  • If you show, judges could definately place you down

  • I don't see how you being a horse rider makes a difference on the attractiveness of a lip piercing. The same aftercare, cleaning and changing would apply and be the exact same. I would recommend a lip ring if you've got fuller (not huge) lips and a bigger mouth.

    Here is piercing info.- link

    • it's not attractiveness I'm worried about

      it's safety

      i don't want it being torn out

    • How is that even possible? There's nothing in contact with your nose when you're on a horse...

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