Straight women and LGBT men, do you like beards on men?

Straight women and LGBT men, do you like beards on men?

I am trying to debate growing out my beard. This is just one example.
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  • Yes if can grow it well. I can't stand the kind of beard that looks like he has pubes on his face.

  • I do like facial hair to be sure, whether it is a stubble or a beard, can both look really nice.
    But I feel I must add that there are nice beards and not so nice beards. If you can grow a nice one, plan on maintaining it and know it will look good on you I’d say go for it!

    • Edit

      The one in the picture is really nice and definitely looks good in my opinion!

      Also when it comes to kissing, this is where maintenance is important. make sure your moustache if you also have one is kept short enough so it doesn’t get in the way.
      But not so short that it looks weird.. I suppose you’ll need to find that right length haha.

      Kissing is better without a beard to be sure but definitely can also be done with a beard.

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