Would you still date a scene girl?

think that scene girls are attractive? if you don't know what scene is look it up. but if you do haha. anyways I just recently got a scene cut I have blond hair and brown eyes and I'm skinny with 32Ds(most bra companies don't make those I have to get custom) I have a small waist and a large butt. I'm white.. but I'm scene. I have the teased hair. and I wear the black makeup. I like wearing skinny jeans converse cut tip gloves and I wear tight v necks tank tops or metal band t-shirts. I have a lot of fun I like to party I am fun to be around everyone laughs when they are with me (not being cocky just honest). but my friend told me a lot of guys wouldn't like me cause I'm scene. is that true or do guys not really care that much about it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well I personally find that kind of style attractive. Only thing I wouldn't like are lip piercings or anything similiar. Lol just curious what size skinny jeans do you actually wear? Cause what you described is quite rare.

    • it depends from what store but I'm usually a small regular (1)

What Girls Said 1

  • some guys find it to be a majorr turn on, some think it's weird. I think it's hot, but that's not the only type of hot... lol my boyfriend likes it though :)

    • the guy I lyk lyks it too I was just wondering what other guys thought because some love lip peircings and others wouldn't even kiss a girl on the cheek with one so I assumed its lyk that.

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