What color should I change my hair to?

My hair has already been dyed, but I dyed it back to my natural dark brown, almost black, hair color. I had it dyed red before. Looked good. I kind of want to go blond... Should I? Or should I go back to red? Or stay brown?

I'm kinda pale, have freckles and hazel eyes. My hair is long, too.

So, fellas, whatcha say?


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  • We don't know what you look like without a picture, so our opinions are pointless. Pick any color of the rainbow that you think will look good and give it a shot. If you want to dye your hair blond, I say go for it. I personally like brunette and darker colors more than blonde.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • lol I added a pic...

    • Thank you.. Like I said I'm a huge fan of dark colors and I think your hair is complementary as-is.. Maybe add some highlights of colors? I saw a girl at my local movie house with black hair and red highlights, it looked good -> So good that I had to talk to her, and now we have plans for tomarrow.. Kinda weird how that came up, but it gave me an opportunity to talk to her because it was "different" and because it intrigued me.

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  • I think blond hair would look awesome!

  • stay your dark brown color :)


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