What country is the most beautiful on earth?

Which country do you think the most beautiful?

  • France
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  • America
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  • Spain
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  • India
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  • New Zealand
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  • It's so hard to choose. I chose France because it is a place I grew up at. Growing up my summers were spent all over in France. I love the castles and I love how some villages have cobble stoned roads and cafe's. I love the country side filled with vineyards, fields of flowers, musky little houses, beaches.France has it all. I love spending a few days in Paris with all the haute couture and the architecture. France is not only beautiful because of the buildings and the lands; it is beautiful because of the culture and the diversity. It is beutiful because of the amazing food and devine wine. The people are wonderful too. Contrary to what most people think, the French are quite interesting people.

  • Each are beautiful in their own ways. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it would also depend on what someone uses to class beauty in a place/country.

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  • singapore! (this is my country) :D

    for thse who don't know a thing about singapore, check it out on the map, its a small red dot hahas.

    it's holding f1 nightrace too! 2nd in table tennis olympics women team.

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  • When it comes to mountains, New Zealand is very beautiful. however I have to put down my island. Bermuda for having beautiful beaches :o)

  • United State


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  • how about italy, brazil, or dubai. how did india end up on the list?

    • Have you ever been/ seen/ heard about India my friend ? my open hearted invite !