Don't find her attractive but...

I met this girl on New Years Eve, basically went to the movies came back mine, she lost her virginity to me and such...

She has an amazing body, and really likes me... she keeps dropping the hint that we should "go out together" but still I've never had a girl this into me, I know for a fact she wouldn't cheat and if I asked she would move into mine... its just her face... I wouldn't introduce to her to friends/family etc...

I know I should just tell her how I feel and move on but don't want to hurt her, she's been looking forward to spending Saturday night with me for ages.

I don't want to break her heart but at the same time I don't want to be in a relationship with her... what do I do?
problem solved, Told her

I just wasn't after a relationship. She replied : You told me you might not be from the start.


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  • Just tell her you aren't looking for a relationship right now. If you mention anything about her face you will thoroughly disappoint her and offend her, because if she likes you and you responded to it she will wonder what she did wrong and why you've lost interest all of a sudden.

    • Girl in Question... says

      what you mean with work xxxx what time you want me over xxxxxxxxxx

      i can still sleep the night on Saturday xxxyh x

      This is going to break her heart... I currently feel so bad.

    • You have to tell her sometime anyway. Don't give her false hope or lead her on. Get it over with and off of your conscience.

    • done that was easy. thanks

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  • You have to tell her ! Don't tell her it's because of her face, but if you find it to really be an issue there's nothing you can do and it's better to break it off before it goes any further. You could tell her you simply do not want a girl friend and then try not talk to her any more.


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