Do guys really care that girls wear makeup?

My boyfriend says that most guys don't care if a girl wears makeup. He says in fact, that most girls look prettier without it on.

If so, why do most girls feel that they have to wear it?

I personally (as a girl) find other girls more attractive without makeup on as well.

Why the hype?


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  • There is apparently a poll somewhere or other that has 'proven' that while guys think that they don't like makeup on girls, they actually do. They don't like the over the top makeup though, they just like it when a girl has on makeup and they can't even tell.

    The hype is the companies who make boatloads of cash from selling beauty products, and the media who supports the stuff.

    I think all guys probably have different opinions though, so I just don't worry about makeup, my boyfriend doesn't mind so life is good.


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  • When a girl does it right, a man shouldn't be able to tell she's wearing makeup.

    Perhaps that's why your boyfriend thinks most girls look fine without makeup, because he hasn't ever seen a girl not wearing it.


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