How do I get guys to see me as girlfriend material?

I'm basically "one of the guys". I can talk football with the best of them (eagles season ticket holder, lifelong fan) & I'm a major athlete (swimming, soccer, running, backyard football). I can be girly at times, but ill never dumb myself down to act "cute". I have a great sense of humor and I love having a good time. For some reason, I always get thrown into the "really great friend..." category. How do I get out of this utterly confusing cycle and be seen as a perfectly datable girl?

* I would consider myself pretty decent looking, with an athletic body. I'm pretty smart( all honors classes), and I have a ton of friends(guys and girls)

Thanks for all of your help. I really do appreciate it<3


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  • Beauty and intelligence can be very sexy all on their own. The fact that you love sports, viewing and playing, is a great plus. It sounds like you probably blend in too much. You have curves, a pretty face and a great personality. You don't have to dumb yourself down at all. All you need to do is start making an effort to play up your femininity in your appearance alone. The NFL has now started promoting jerseys for females. Make sure you're not wearing a guys jersey when you get together to watch games. Make choices to wear clothes that accentuate your figure rather than just comfortable clothes. It's the subtle things that will separate you from the boys. I'm sure there is at least one in your crowd that already has his eye on you but probably assumes you just want to be one of the guys. Dressing a little more girly may draw him or them out. Trust me somebody is already enjoying your company to think of you the way you are wanting someone to.


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