What are some cute ways I can ask for this guy's number?

me and him have none each other for a very long time but just got back in touch about a week ago! he is fully flirting with me but I don't wanna just come out and ask him or just straight up give him mine! I would rather asking seeming nice and flirty or find a way to get him to ask for mine!...(we have been talking on facebook chat)


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  • What I did to ask for my crush's number last year goes as follows: ;)

    I was walking down the hall leaving school messing with my phone, and when he was in earshot, I said, "Crap! Something's wrong with my phone!" He joined me and said, "What's wrong with it?" And I looked at him and said, "It doesn't have your number in it."

    See, it's cute and friendly, just make sure you're a good friend of his first or I doubt it'll come across that way. If he rejects you, whatever, his loss. Good luck :)


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