How much time to give him until I give up and I press next?

so I know this guy for like 1 month.a common friend introduced us so that we go together at the mountains for the new year's eve.first he was so talkative and excited,then once he got a job he somehow became the mountains we slept in the same room but no sex lol.we acted like girlfriend and boyfriend for a while till he got indifferent because I (lol) did my hair,wear makeup and didn't wear gloves when we went outside.he told my friend that I am too childish because I refused to kiss him after he told me he got and sms from his lover (in fact it was a girl from his work,that is so ugly btw,he was trying to make a joke) and that he was ignoring me because I didn't take care of myself when we went outside.and now he's ignoring me,and I am all confused because things were good,until he got mad from stupid things.I called him after like 4 days since we came back to wish him happy I don't know what to do and how much time to give him until I give up and I press next.


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  • drop him like a hot potato girl! he isn't worth your time if he is pressuring you to do things that you don't want to do. a guy that is worth your time will try and take care of you but let you make your own decisions.


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  • sounds very immature, don't you think?

    yeah, just go for the next guy.


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