What do guys look for in a girl?

I was wondering about both looks and personality. What guys want in both of those aspects. Also which one is more important in a relationship?


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  • I look at a couple of things

    Also when I look at people I classify them quickly based on these. Beautiful, Pretty or Not. Native or Not (to wherever I am) that sort of thing

    1. Hair. This is just something I notice a lot and can really make or break a face. I've grouped girls in "Pretty" Even if they didn't look great any other way just cause of their hair.

    2. Makeup use or non Use. Speaks for it self. It's a turn off for me if they wear so much that I can tell.

    3. Their voice. Not how they sound so much as what words they use (conjunctions or not, Acronyms or not) and how fast or slow. If I hear certain words it piques my interest. E.G. Cheers. Frigg. Prat. A'ight, y'all.

    4. What they were. I like jeans, flannel shirts, hats, tank tops, jean shorts, jean jackets, (I like jeans) and I don't know why but I really like it if a girl wears pink.

    5. How they are put together. This is just comparing everything and seeing if it "matches" this is how I usually guess age. The more uniform her look is the older she is.

    • Ok Thanks for the answer and breaking it down like that was very helpful.

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  • Honesty, personality, and a smile.

    The smile is probably the most important at first. It tells me she's interested or not. Looking inviting is the key to a meet up.

    • Thanks for your helpful answer. I'll keep that in mind to look inviting.

  • Someone who is simple in needs but smart and capable. But attractive enough for me to want to get inside her.

  • a girl that's pretty and one who respects herself (doesn't go around acting slutty)

    looks wise, I'd say the bare minimum, not ugly to look at. and personality, similar interests and morals. I tend to fall for personality more, when I like what they have to offer and the way we interact, I tend to think that they are the most beautiful out of all. sure there are hot hot girls but those are only ones I'd like to bang, a one time fling, not go out with.


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