Wet hair...or hair product? Does he like someone?

So the guy I like has recently done something different to his hair...it could be just wet (like he took a shower before school...I see him 4 hours into the school day...I'm sure his hair would have dried by then?) but maybe its gel/hair product? Anyways, I'm just asking if you all take that as a sign that he likes someone/trying to look good...or he just changed his hair cause he wanted to. Again, it isn't a major change...whatever he did just makes him look a bit better.


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  • it's most likely a styling gel or putty, I use a small amount of hair gel sometimes to make my hair look messy when I get it cut shorter and it makes my hair glossy and gives it a sheen that looks like I just stepped out of the shower cause I like the wet hair look XD

    • haha...that was what I was thinking...

      since it is a recent thing do you think he is doing it to look good for a girl, or just trying out something new...

    • that's hard to say lol I know when I first tried it I did it to see if it would look good, I kept on doing it because a few of the girls I know said it looked good on me :)

    • haha well, it certainly looks good on him :)

      thanks for your answer!

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  • I don't know him personally but just because he is doing something to make himself look nice does not mean a thing. Unless he has a history of cheating and doing this sort of thing I would not worry about it...

    • no, no history of cheating...

      i'm just trying to figure out if he likes me (i'm not basing it off only this though...)

  • you are way overanalyzing. it's just hair

    • i know, I know. it was just a small curiosity...its not like I'm obsessing over it...

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