How many of you white guys are attracted to black girls?

Would you ever date one? Would you like to marry one? I have to be honest, I'm obsessed with white guys, especially ones with the bad boy look/a country boy. And if you are attracted to black girls, would you be attracted to me?

And also, can you tell me why you are attracted to them? What about their features do you like?


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  • I've dated black women, and the first black girl I dated was actually in Mississippi. I think there's a lot of hot black girls but I wouldn't go out with you because I'm 30 and you are 18 ...AND you like "Saved By The Bell."


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  • I find black girl butts extremely attactive. That's all the really holds my attention. Beyond that, is personality. And I've met a few that were very sweet and good humored. Yet there were those that were obnoxious and prejudice. So I've had good and bad experiences with black girls.

    • Yea, I understand...I think that's with anyone, you know.

  • no offense but no

    • I think you are pretty cute :P Oh yea, this question is only for those who actually are attracted to black women, Thank you! :)

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  • Did you know the guy who played zack morris is actually half asian? LOL I had no idea till he got some sorta asian-excellence award for TV or something a long time ago and I was like WHA? he's asian?

    That said, I know plenty of white guys (and asian guys) who are interested in black girls. not me tho, because I'm a heterosexual female.

    • Thanks for your answer! :) And omg, I didn't know that. Come to think of it, he does look a little asian.

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