Nickname Advice Needed?

I am date a Great guy. But I am having trouble coming up with a nickname for him...I found one online and I tried it today and I did not like it when I called him Angle Eyes...He calls me babe or angle...I want something like that for his nickname but can't think or anything I could use some advice.


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  • You don't really need a nickname do you? I don't like them, I never use them with my boyfriend.

    Okay, well I sometimes call him love. but that is mainly when I am too tired to think.

    I think you could both use nicknames like 'sweetie' 'honey' 'babe' etc on each other, because you shouldn't use that type of nickname in place of an actual name.

    If you absolutely need a nickname, I would say go for something personal or funny that relates to your guys' relationship.

    Example, if I wanted to call my boyfriend something it would probably be Tater Tot, cause we joke about how he is crunchy on the outside but a softy on the inside. (:


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  • Well I use to call my ex 'Baby love' but sweetie, or honey should suffice.

  • well, you might want to call him ANGEL eyes not ANGLE eyes ;)

    you can call him honey, babe, sweetie, hun, and stuff.

  • You could say he's so acute.

    Not really a nickname but hope that helps! ;)


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