Looking for ideas on couple dates?

It's been almost a year and it's like we've reached a rut of what to do. Almost every week we're doing a movie or going out to eat. I'm feeling bored. This is when I realize we really don't have too much in common. He doesn't like shopping, I like to browse. He loves his ps3 FPS (first person shooter), I like RPGs. He playing on his iPhone all the time, I read my kindle. I like going to dinner with friends, he prefers to stay home and cook. I'm just at a loss of what should we, as a couple do together. Any ideas?


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  • Maybe get away for a weekend to a city neither one of you have been to. Have a phone for emergencies but only for that purpose. No books, no games, no kindle, just the 2 of you and explore your city


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  • There's always something to do. Why not find a new activity you both like? Swing dancing lessons, sailing lessons, hiking clubs, motorcycle, etc?

    • Sadly, he doesn't like to dance, hike or do most physical activities that involves being outdoors. He's also reluctant to be embarrassed in front of others; so learning something new is going to be difficult to approach him about. But I thank you for your response. :)

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