How do you know you are attractive?

Point blank... How do you know that you are attractive based on other peoples reactions. I kno people flirt but I flirt with people and I am not completely attracted. Sometimes people get kindness confused with flirting.

1. Is there a %100 sign you are attractive?

2. What makes you attractive? (face, body, personality)

3. How do you feel about butt-her faces?


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  • You just know. If more than one person has called you attractive --- there's a good chance you are :D


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  • 1. How you feel

    2. Your own reflection

    3. I don't give much heed to other people, who I generally do not respect.

  • it's hard to know especially if you are a guy, since girls are almost never the ones to say anything first to a guy


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  • Attractiveness is a subject of opinion, (all people could react differently)

    I think I'm alright looking but I know my flaws,

    Only seriously vain people think they know that they are attractive.

    Most people will never find out because it is something you can't measure

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