Friends, not lovers online?

I meet a lot of guys online, while most of them are older, its fine with me, I understand that they're attracted to younger women and they usually stick around because I'm a really independent and aggressive person, so I assume they think I'm mature for my age.

The thing is I'm not looking for a relationship, not specifically. And I usually state that on my sites. But I feel like every time a guy starts to talk to me they're expecting something from me or think I may want to pursue romantic or sexual interests. The fact that I'm really open with talking about these kinds of things probably doesn't help.

But I really enjoy making friends with these people, there are some really nice people out there. Is it okay to just want to make friends from online? I mean meeting up with them, phone conversations and all too. I feel like I'm going to lead them on if I keep going at this rate, because I'm sure they all think they have a chance with me, right? Sigh, I don't want to disappoint anyone.

Is it wrong for me to want just a friendship? Should I state that specifically to them? I feel like saying that to them will degrade them, even though its probably common sense for them to want something more when meeting people online.

I need some perspectives please!


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  • what are you expecting most guys/girls online site are looking for more than friendship ,

    if you don't look for this you need to put up on you're profile and you need to tell them that while you're communicating with them so the got the picture instead of just let them be surprised at the end of the convo .be honest with them .


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