Jewelery on girls?

what would you think of a girl who wears lots of unique and antique tribal jewelery?

would you find her pretentious or intriguing?


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  • I like some jewellery on my girlfriend, and she likes it as well :D So I always buy it for her for different occasions. Where do you usually buy it? As for me, I like the because there are always some nice sales and prices are very nice. Which online store can you guys recommend?


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  • Im not a dude but I'll answer from a girls perspective. When I see girl wearing a nice arrangement of bangles or necklace that they've put together themselves, it makes me think that they have a lot of fashion sense. I always love the look of layered jewellery but never do it cause I always forget to put it on, so when I see girls that have nice jewellery it makes me admire their style.


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  • What ever she has in mind wearing them..


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