How do you guys feel about very short hair on girls?

Are the short hair girls just as likely to get a glance from you as the girl with the long hair?

for example:

Girl is tall 5'7"+, skinny but not super thin, fair skin, oval or oblong shaped face, medium-large bone thickness, moderate chest, good (cute) sense of style.

What kind of hair styles to you perfer on these kinds of girls?

Me (further details to consider):

current hair: chest length blond, limp, straight, stuborn, damaged, minimal layered hair with no volume and is difficult and very time consuming to style... Even when healthier with a hair cut by a stylist was still difficult to style and a pain to deal with. Usually half way through the day ended up looking like trailor trash.

Desired hair:

I would like to gomuch shorther, perhaps a 'pixie hair cut' or a slightly longer version. I would dye my hair a shade of brown to compliment the cut better, and to showcase my facial features, it would look healthier and look styled of kept up longer through out the day.

What do you think guys? worth trying out?


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  • Depends on the girl to be honest, and I definitely prefer shorter hair if it's darker. But when it suits them I love it!


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  • Unless you look like her cause she us damn fine. link

  • Guys like different things, but you should cut your hair however you like. The guys who are interested in your look will let you know.


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