Guys:: would this bother you?

Guys, does it bother you when your girlfriend's girl friends are all over her or makin comments about her? . Like: Ooh I touched your girlfriend's butt, or them saying I love you to her all the time, putting her arm aound your gfs waist, holding her hand, or if she is cold keeping her warm by holding her?


Haha, no they're not lesbians, but I think they do it to annoy my bf.
ha, yeah it is prob driving him crazy because they're doing what he should be doing. haha =]


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  • It's just annoying and its bothersome but I mean, you have to be mature about the situation, and remind yourself. She is in a relationship with you and not her friends and that, they are only trying to get you going. The main thing is how the girl acts when it's just the two of you.


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  • If there are guys who hate that, I'm not one of them.


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  • Are we talking about lesbians here? That sounds a little TOO touchy, even for girl friends.

    At any rate, I'm sure it would make a guy jealous to see his girl being touched by anyone else, male or female.

    • Lol, I was just kidding about the lesbian thing.

      But yeah, you should tell them to back off, he's probably going nuts.