Guys: Could I pull this off, with out being... butch?

Now, don't freak out in the attached photo links my hair is twisted, pulled back, and tucked away in the back and pushed forward and bobby pinned A LOT to get this idea of how I would look with super short hair. My hair is super damaged, lifeless, dull, and limp at the chest length it is now, I want my hair to be healthy and look good hence I would have to go somewhere relatively this short. and to be honest... I REALLY need a good change, something different and something that will suit my face better...I don't wanna look butch; so if I were to do this... would I be deemed off limits by most guys?

any suggestions guys?

would it look better in a different color or texture?


Before: (this is what iend up looking like on an average day, or by the end of the day currently)

flickr. com/photos/58180790@N07/5348188158/in/photostream/


flickr. com/photos/58180790@N07/5348188158/in/photostream/


flickr. com/photos/58180790@N07/5348188158/in/photostream/

(remove space before "com" and paste into browser)
I'm down for Brutal Honesty, positive or negative. I can take it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • personally, I enjoy short-haired red heads or long-haired blonds, but no matter how you do your hair, you will find some guy that likes it.


What Girls Said 1

  • i know you asked for a guy's opinion, but I just had to answer! I LOVE your hair short. it looks so fresh and healthy. it suits your face perfectly & you look so stylish. ah I wish I could pull off something like that. and your color is perfect. I'd take this picture to your stylist & have her work her magic. too cute!


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