Top emcees right now?

not rappers but emcees, in your opinion who are the top five emcees still active right now


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  • immortal technique and nas(his records are highly inconsistent)are about it for me right now. all time tho I'd say:

    krs one (best ever from mid 80-mid90's)

    redman (funkadelic devil)

    lord finesse (punchline king)

    grand puba (great with brand nubian, not solo so much)

    chuck d (underrated in mc skills, people usually just like p.e.'s message)

    pharoah monch (killed while with organized konfusion)

    big l (died way too young, battle rapper to the fullest)

    kool g rap (invented the mafioso style other rappers got rich on)

    big daddy kane (unf***withable on the live stage)

    rakim (unf***withable in the studio, changed hip hop forever with first single)

    ice cube (a long time ago, not now so much)

    scarface (one of the top storytellers ever)

    • krs ones out for fame (one of his dopest tracks) and D& D all stars (with krs) 1,2, pass it its crazy to, nas's illmatic is one of the best albums of all time, organized konfusion is dope, so is big l (I think he's underrated) 7min freestyle with jay-z, and I'm like w/e about redman I think method man is doper, but either way you got pretty good taste haha

    • i gotta add ghostface and gza to this. I know the question's old but f*** it, they're still bringing it tough on wax when very few are.

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  • There's a UK underground guy named Herbzie that I'm a fan of

  • Just off lyrics but in no certain order:


    Joe Budden



    Joell Ortiz

  • I can't name 2 MCs, let alone the top 5.

  • Whats the difference?

    • a rapper is known more of commercial corprate mainstream rap sayer like, Drake and Wayne

      then you have emcees which are not commercial and are baisically underground and usually do smaller shows like Slug and Qwel

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    • their first three are amazing. prince paul is one of the most underrated producers out there.

    • LOL, no I havent.

      And yeah, I like their first album the best.

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