Who else thinks Justin Beiber should get a Turkish bad boy image?

Wear leather hotpants, and come on stage rubbing himself in hot grease, inviting ladies backstage and singing about courtesans.


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  • well to be honest. I think he's perfect as he is.

    ... I hope you can hear the sarcasm in this comment, or my street cred has seriously gone down (and it's pretty low as it is).


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  • i think he should get lit up like he did on that episode CSI or whatever show it was.

    • Hahaa, was he on CSI?

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    • he was on one of those crime solving mystery shows. my dad is a big fan of those types of shows. he was watching one of them and he said that justin was the bad guy. I started to watch it and justin was supposed to be a good guy. but then he turned out to be some psycho and he fired on the detectives but they responded with more lead that a metal factory. look the video up on google. you won't be disappointed.

    • LOL, awesome!

  • He should dye his hair black and dress like Alucard from Hellsing.


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