Why when I am at the gym stretching such as the splits.. girls with their boyfriends point and look disgusted?

- its really annoying and makes me kinda feel weird because I'm just stretching like no one told you to look at me... like I don't know am I over reacting or what?-


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  • iv seen some pretty funny stretching going on in gyms before and if its really rediculous stretching then they have a point but if not its just a girl thing girls usually do. They want their boyfriends to notice and think the same thing as them to reassure themselves and to take care of an insecurity before it grows. The gym is a crazy social place, usually I just put my headphones on and focus on what I'm doing, don't pay any attention to them.


What Girls Said 1

  • they feel threatened by you and don't want for their boyfriends to b interested in you so try to make it seem like there is something wrong with your appearance.. Haaaaaaaaters!

    actually what I side above is only tru if you don't have a sloppy body. b truthful with yourself and decide whether they are threatened or whether you need to seriously work out after that stretch.

    • really?.. k well no I'm a profressional dancer so id think I have a good body and am attractive.. but I don't know why it makes me feel bad about myself even though it shouldn't but one girl even said ew one time so I was like k...

    • yea try not to sweat it. your hott and they're haters.

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