Attractive women do not get asked out much or hit on?

I was told this by some guy once...attractive women do not get asked out much or hit on...because guys are too intimidated by their beauty? WHAT? What makes a woman attractive to you? Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? Or beer holder. :)
You guys are awsome...thanks.


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  • I agree and don't agree. I believe its more accurate to say that we are intimidated by beauty... as second time. Many guys that have some sort of fear of rejection or what not... is because they faced it once. There's something about rejection that's worse than a low blow below the belt that strips a man of all dignity. Other instances... people now a days don't know how to say no without making the other person feel like complete incompetent losers. I mean... the guy mustard enough courage to ask and then a girl practically spits in his face with the tone of voice or facial expressions used.

    Its odd that many people refer to "break-up advise" by using the phrase... "you're too good for that loser, drop him." And in context of a situation where its a person versus a cheater or something, then sure. why not believe that? But otherwise... I don't feel any girl (or guy) is too good for someone else without offering a chance or having reasonable cause. Sure, you can reject without an excuse if you want, but don't put yourself on the pedestal of greatness while one's at it.

    On the flip side, I can also agree with the statement. And when he says guys are too intimidated by their beauty... it can still mean more than skin deep. A girl can be the ugliest chick alive, but her personality may be of a saint and just perfect for a guy... and the guy can still feel intimidated because he feels that at some point in his life, he became unworthy to be with such a girl. Sometimes past actions with another girl... or even presumptions about the girl he's now interested in... that he realizes were wrong. Sometimes it is just superficial... but Hollywood and the media portrays all these good looking couples and stereotypes... so why wouldn't a guy look at a pretty girl and feel intimidated? He has to live up to society's false threshold of what beauty is, and probably questions his looks and how he lives up to those ridiculous standards.

    So yes, Beauty is in the eye of the be/beer/holder, and yes/no, guys are and aren't intimidated by beauty. It depends on the situation. But hey... ladies? You could make it a hell of a lot easier for us sometimes. Just saying :)

    • I totally said "Mustard" enough courage. Facepalm* you know what I mean >.>

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  • How beauty is regarded subjectively is irrelevant. Since our young ages, we are taught to repress our sexual nature. Over the years some, like myself, see pretty girls as intimidating - we feel we don't stand a chance.

  • Whatever guy told you that was off of his ass lying to you. Of course they get hit on...damn near constantly. Just do the research. Go to a bar with a stereotypically hot girl and just take notes of how drunk she gets versus how much SHE bought. And as for asked out, I would have to say, again, that this is a fallacy. If proper observation is applied, this would be nowhere near an accurate guess of the results of how often a "hot" girl gets asked out, especially because guys are intimidated.

    • So true. I won't buy her a drink, cause she sounds like a tool. But I'll gladly go and laugh to watch her puke on some popped collar wannabe pimp.

  • I think it has more to do with whatever guy it is, yes most guys feel intimidated by a very sexy lady, but ask yourself this, Who is making the guy in that situation feel intimidated? I think it comes back to the guy in the end and how confident he is with himself.

  • Beauty is a burden my friend .

    its pulls the slightest hint of insecurity and exagggggerates it to an extent

    that we men as a species turn into chicken :/

  • Yeah.


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