Girls: What do you wear to the gym?

Track pants or shorts?

A tank top or baggy shirt?

Makeup or no makeup?

Does it change things if a hot guy will be there?



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  • No makeup. I'm not a huge makeup wearing person anyway.

    Yeah I pay more attention to my looks, like I will fix my hair better, if I know a guy I like will be there.

    I usually wear a lycra shirt and lycra capri pants or sweatpants and a t-shirt.


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  • You going to a gym...not a fashion show lol. Wearing make-up will only make you look like your crying because the sweat will ware off the make-up. I find the most comfy out fits are boy shorts and girl muscle shirt. Easy to move in. And if a hot guy was there, I'm pretty sure he's there to flex at the mirror and check himself out. lol

  • I wear these: link

    and a semi tight tank top. I wear that no matter if there's a hot guy there or not. I'm going to end up sweaty, red in the face and unattractive anyway :P

  • i wear sweats and a tank top or sometimes a bigger shirt.

  • yoga pants, and a long tank

    minimum makeup, just foundation

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