Guys, what do you think of a girl with bangs?

My guy friend says there "sexy" but I think it depends on the girl. And I'm talking like straight across bangs. Like right above the eyes. What do you guys think? And if you had the choice would you rather date a cute girl with bangs or a cute girl without bangs? Thanks<3


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  • personally I think the most attractive thing about a girl is when she is happy with the way she looks and does not ask my opinion, as long as your well groomed and take pride in your appearance.

    if you like your bangs keep them, if you think you look silly get rid of them. sure guys judge women on their appearance allot but really a haircut is a small thing and is easily over-looked.

  • I think that bangs like Cassadee Pope's would look great on a cute girl and I would date her if she looked like her with that style.


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