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Which make and model is good when it comes to trucks?

I love my mustang but I'm too scared to drive it now, since the last time they hit me from behind.I'm want to buy a used truck, I'm looking at cragslist and they got prices I can work with.But which truck brands are good?


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  • Well, "good" is a fairly general, non descriptive term. Do you want a reliable truck, one that's easily repaired with basic tools, one that gives you a lot of power for your money...?

    • One that will get me from point a to b

      And that won't mess up like's going to be bought used so I'm not expecting anything amazing you know?

    • Well, the popular Asian brands are recognised as the most reliable in the world. In fact, the top five brands are owned and manufactured by Toyota(Toyota, Scion, Lexus) and Honda(Honda, Acura). Subaru, Hyunday, Mitsubishi and Kia are the other main brands in the top ten, along with Nissan-owned Infiniti. Volvo, however, is the safest brand in the world, and worth consideration if you're buying used.

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  • f150!

    ford 150 ! hell yeah girl

    or the new 2011 rams are nice llooking lol

    F150! so beautiful...

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