Girls: when you compare yourself to other girls, what are you looking at?

when a guy sees you. he looks you up and down. thinks to himself "damn" (assuming your hot) and then checks out 1 of three things. how good her butt is, how good her boobs are and how good her legs are (assuming you're showing them at the time). there are exceptions for these as some may look at your face first etc.. but what I'm wondering is

since women are always comparing themselves to one another. what is it your looking at that us men can't see. (i.e. how do you know if the boobs are fake or not). and is there a trick us men can learn about all this stuff you look at when comparing yourself to another woman?


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  • When comparing myself to other women I'm usually not looking for fake breasts or anything. I'm thinking about whether or not they're prettier than me, what they have that I don't and WISH I had (breasts that aren't tiny, clear skin, amazing hair, good style, ...), and what I dislike about them (they smoke, they're wearing too much makeup, skanky clothes, look pissed all the time, ...).

    That's pretty much it.


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