Would you say that girls over think things too much?

Would you say that girls over think things too much? What about guys? Who do you think over thinks things more?


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  • Hell Yes!

    If you're living in a small world as if everything you do matter than you're over thinking. Just today my good friend was talking about his relationship problems. He's a nice guy, and is in love with this girl and all he wants is her to love him back, he doesn't want sex. He said "if I don't get anything by the time I am in grade 12.. I'm going to quit" He sayings all this foolishness, over thinking and stuff. So I told him you're actually like a boy matter of fact a puss. He should be thinking about the bigger picture like if I'm going to get through high school passing, jobs and post-secondary opportunities but he's stuck probably thinking about all the good times he had with this girl.. smh.

    I haven't seen a girl alone talking to someone without reviewing their decision while speaking? You know how many times I've seen that "umm hold on, I'm not sure" look in girls eyes? They shift their eyes to side and then back. It's confusing reading all this as a guy. She's just over thinking again, like seriously we can't just talk? Well not all girls but those lost girls that don't know what they want yet, like if you need to wake up or do things a certain earlier just for make-up and editing your appearance there's a lot of thoughts moving through your head. I never knew girls would instantly remember everything in detail. Gotdamn.. they could go back to dates, approximate time and everything b.c they know they told their girlfriends and diaries what happened that day.

    Way to much thinking.

    (lol sorry I just love this topic, I once asked the girls on this site to describe their mind, they know what it is) Just by reading the questions on this site you could see all these girls thoughts.


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  • Everybody over thinks and over analyzes. Not just relationships either. I've known people to ask me 50 questions about an interview they went to and what their chances were at getting the job.

  • you would be surprised at how much guys think about things. Little things that girls do can make a man go crazy but they will never show it.

    • ooh, really? that's pretty interesting. they always act so chill.

    • They do act chill about most things. What type of things to guys go crazy over?

    • "guy friends", or one word text messages those are the worst hahah

  • while I think both genders do it. I think women do it more. but I don't think its a bad thing. I kinda wish men did it more because I think the reason why women do it is because not only are men confusing to women but also because I think if men overthought more, then men might be able to understand women better and treat them the way they want to be treated. I tend to overthink a lot. but I have a girlfriend. so its not like I'm doing anything wrong, I just feel its better to do this. especially when someones feelings are involved

    sometime overthinking can be bad though. if I'm learning a new song on bass or guitar (I play both) and I start thinking about it. even though I already know it. I mess up more. so it gets its criticsim but it also helps


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  • how about defining 'over think' ? Relative to what. You ned a reference point, otherwise going over means nothing. What's the standard?

    Question is way too ambigous. I think it also depends, if something is not important to someone thinking about it at all is too much. If you don't agree with someone they will sat yo are thinking too much. If you question someone & they are hiding something they will say you are thinking too much. If you are raising something someone does not understand, they will say you are thinking too much.

    If you are thinking about something AFTER you have come to a logical conclusion, & the issue no longer is relevant , then perhaps you could call it thinking beyond what is reasonable.

    If thinking about something gets in the way of the things you have to do , you could say it is too much relative to what is otherwise necessary.

    Most times when people say they are thinking too much they mean they are perseverating, not letting go , continuing to worry about something they can do nothing about. This should not be confused with actual investigation, research, or studying a problem. in many areas of study one most repeat the same activity/ thought/ process again again in order to achieve results.

    Al in all it depends why yo are thinking what you are thinking about if you are dong it rationally or out of control.

    Simply Having thoughts is not thinking-thats insight. Often times simply sharing a thought is considered thinking & some people have things appear at a very fas rate & it is not thinking at all.

    I think some examples of what you are referring to would be helpful in answering this question objectively.

  • I think it depends more on the person rather than their gender. I know I definitely over think things. I try to make sense out of nonsensical things and when I can't, it bothers me. But, I know other girls (and guys) who don't over think things at all!


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