Do some guys look good tucked in?

I've been tucking my shirts in so long, it's uncomfortable to wear them out. However, I've had girls tell me I look geeky tucked in, while others say I look dumpy & sloppy with my shirt out. Is it that bad tucked in?
By the way, I FEEL sloppy & ugly with shirts tucked out...
My shirts, when tucked in, suck in my gut & camouflage it. Out, they come below my butt (If short as is the style, I ABSOLUTELY tuck them out! That DOES look stupid tucked in!) & are boxy & baggy below the waist, making them cling & pull from my tummy.


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  • NO! I like them to be tucked in, you look more neat and handsome in my opinion and you look like you really dress to impress and spend time on yourself.


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  • If you are comfortable with your shirt tucked in you'll be sexy because your confidence is sexy.

    I like a man with his shirt tucked in.

    The alternative is to buy knit sweaters that you pull over a plain undershirt, or a button up that you tuck in and roll the sleeves.

    If you like your look and are confident, that's Sexier than being uncomfortable in what someone else thinks looks cool.

    • Thank you, if it's cold enough to layer, I do that. Besides, as I said, ALL my weight's at the BOTTOM of my tummy. Tucked in it's sucked in & camouflaged & hidden. Tucked out, it calls attention... I like it when I sometimes see girls tucked in to. It's sexy as it shows the figutre off & they look like they want to look neat & polished. Tucked out on a girl's cute, too, cause y'all have hips to make the shirt hang right...

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  • Depends on the shirt. T shirts usually don't belong tucked inside you're pants, but if you're wearing a suit or going to church or some other nice event, tucked in is fine as long as you're wearing dress pants. As a general rule, if you're wearing jeans, you shouldn't tuck your shirt in. Something that looks really good is finding a button up shirt and wearing it with jeans, not tucked in. Actually, the shirt in my picture is my favorite shirt and I wear it with jeans all the time, and I get compliments. But just follow the jean rule and you should be good.


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