What do guys say to their friends when a girl walks by?

There's this guy I think is really cute, and he was standing with his friend and I walked past them, they both looked at me and then as I walked by and was in front of them, the guy I think is cute said something, but I didn't hear what he said, but then I heard his friend say "who her?" with like a little laugh in his voice.. like you could tell they were smiling about it.

we don't know each other by the way, he's just some guy I see around and I think he's cute. but I was just wondering what do guys normally say to each other when it's something like that when a girl walks by?


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  • Guys say really vulgar things about girls who walk by, usually jokingly, but still.

    But yeah, I've always found myself friends with groups of guys, and whenever we hang out at school or wherever and they see girls, they always just make sexual remarks, say stupid stuff about what they'd like to do them, talk about their ass, etc... guys act a lot different together than when a girl is present. Don't expect them to be whispering to their male friends about how cute they think you are.


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