Why do guys think that girls just want someone who is only good looking?

Why do guys think that girls just want someone who is only good looking? What if you actually want someone with a personality? Why is that so strange to them? I want a guy who is nice, funny and a gentleman. Every guy on this site thinks that is weird! Why?


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  • There are guys that want personality... its all about where you look. Websites are a place where people can be as shallow as they want, because, hey... what are you gonna do? You don't know the person, lol. Real life? High school all boys are pretty much shallow. Then again, so are the girls. Its why you see egos of cheerleaders and athletes, dating the football team or the prom king. You'd be highly mistaken to believe that guys are the only ones who are looking for someone who just has looks. And I disagree that every guy on this site thinks it is weird, I've seen several guys give advice and comments and seem like the types that would want personality and such. Maybe you're just noticing and focusing on the negative so much that you're not seeing the positives?

    • When I sent out this question I have found guys who do look for a personality, but whenever I say that I am looking on the inside to find a nice person some guy tells me that I forgot to say how hot he is. I find it strange that guys (the ones who do that to me) do not understand that there are girls who look for nice guys.

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  • I'll be completely honest here...There has to be some form of physical attraction for me to even consider someone. So I expect girls to feel the same.

  • Because look at all the wquestions from girls on here.. there's one below that says my crush won't message me or something... most girls are all about looks. its natural I don't blame them.

    • It seems so stupid for everything to be based on looks thoughHow are you supposed to enjoy the other persons company if they have no personallity? or if they bore you? It just seems ridiculous for relationships to based on somehting so pointless.

    • everyone has a personality or at least most. Just depends if they suit you or not

    • When I said they have no personality I meant that they would seem boring or uninterresting.

  • I'll tell you now, I am a guy and I can admit most (not all)are assholes, players and bully's though I got bullied.

    I can be nice , funny and a gentlemen, I but I ALWAYS stuff up, I have depression so its normally the reason I don't last long with a woman.

    for me looks are second, personality is a first and very important for me, I'm not just saying that to suck up.

    but I think the main reason they break up with me, they think I would hurt myself etc.. If I found the right one, what reason would I have to do that if I had someone to make me happy and take all that pain away.

    I guess I can be more emotional than most guys but I'm empathic and understanding.

    so personally I don't think its weird.


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  • it's not often that you find people who look below the skin, but it's an amazing trait to have. :D


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