If I get eye lash extensions do I have to wear eye shadow?

Would it look funny if I didn't put eye shadow if I were to have eye lash extensions? Every female I've seen with eye lash extensions,always wears eye shadow.


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  • I think you answered your own question...most people don't wear false eyelashes unless their trying to glam up, in which case why wouldn't you wear eye shadow? it would look odd without it in my opinion if your eyelashes are all out there but that's all there is.

    • I didn't want to get the over the top fake lashes, just something to add a little length.

    • Oh. Well in that case, I hunk it would look fine with no to little eyeshadow and liner

    • Ok :) thanks for your feedback

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  • wear what you want! get the extensions and see what looks best to you afterwards.

    but eyeshadow always looks weird if you don't wear mascara too...

  • you don't have to


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