I am his rebound - yet I'm his girlfriend and have been for 5 months....

Okay to make a long story short. Somehow my boyfriend and I got talking about last year and we kinda got in a fight and I kinda randomly told him that I hated it that he talked to other girls and he seemed so happy but with me he seemed so bored. And he said something a long the lines of basically that they didn't p*ss him off like I do.

And then somehow it turned into who he liked last year...and I thought he liked me a lot last year which is true but he also liked this older girl who was his good friend who was a Senior...and apparently she kinda liked him too (according to him) and then somehow we got in the discussion about who was his first choice and he basically said she was. That he got to know her more than me and he still says that I was his second choice and I told him and he was like "Well sorry you are..."

We've been going out for 5 months, I don't know if I should be hurt or not but he told me he would have asked her out if she wasn't going away to college and he didn't have to work...so what the f*** he goes out with me? I thought he liked me...I'm so hurt right now...he still says I wasn't his first choice...ugh

There is more info but I'm too hurt to say sh*t...


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  • you're still second rate if he coud go out with her he would


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