Girls what that mean?

I txt my girl like 9:30 to see if she still want to go out or not , she txt me back and said '' I'm sorry ,i'm at a party ''

so I txt her back '' oh , I'm surprise , have fun ''

We planned to go out tonight and she just change it with out even telling me ,

do anyone have any explanation for this , I mean if I didn't contact her she wouldn't even bother her self to let me konw that she's at a party ,


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  • Okay by 'barty' I'm assuming you mean party right?

    Sounds to me like she's losing interest. That's probably not what you want to hear but if she can just blow you off like that and reply to your confrontation with a simple 'sorry', then somethings up. Which seems odd because you're 28 and that's more of the style of like an 8th grader, but that's what I would assume is happening. You should talk to her and see if she has a good, plausible explanation. But if she doesn't actually feel bad and it seems like she intentionally broke your plans without telling you, then you should just end things.

    PS: Is English your first language.? Lol. I'm just curious.

    • Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Haha okay. I wasn't trying to be critical I was just a bit confused because you have lots of grammatical/spelling errors in your question. But it's okay.. happens to the best of us.

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  • hahaha . I'm sorry yea when we're pissed we tend to do different things! Anyway she basically meant I'm in no mood to see you at the moment and I just wanna hang out with my friends tonight! Or leave me alone for the time being! Either one of them I believe although would never do that to mine! So basically yea no offense but she's blowing you off - yes go ahead and call us bitches cause that;s what we sometimes are! Sorry though! Good luck!

    • Thanks ,

      I'm not gonna call anyone bitches or anything , but if you don't have enough courage to stand up for you're own action what does that mean , just wondering , I think I'll move on ..

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    • I just don't get that if she don't want me anymore , why she keep contacting me ..i'm confused ..

    • Sweetie, she's very needy and basically you just may be her rebound guy! Once again really sorry!

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