Guys decribe to me what you class as high maintenance?

from a girl what does she do that's maes her high mainteneance and do you like that?


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  • High maintenance is never a good thing. It's another way guys have of saying a girl is a self-absorbed bitch pretty much.

    Basically, a high maintenance woman is a girl who for whatever reason gets off on seeing her man make unnecessary sacrifices for her and being controlling. Usually we judge girls who are dressed in highly fashionable clothes with fancy hair and makeup as being high maintenance without even giving it a second though (even though it may not be accurate) just because in our mind a more casually dressed girl will be more easygoing and laid back. The way we figure it, the more work a girl puts into trying (and not always succeeding) to look good, the more effort she'll expect her man to put into trying to please her. And really, no guy wants that.

    High maintenance is just that--high maintenance. Meaning work. Unnecessary work, on our part, in pleasing her and putting up with her.

  • let me put it this way. if I'm having to put more into you than I do my own car/bass/. you are too high maintenance. I chose you because I want you to be a part of my life. not actually my life. if you think you want to be high maintenance, then you either have no job life. find one


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