I can either look STUPID or an overconfident mess. Neither is appealing. What do I do?

OK, a LOT of girls, including friends & ones on this site, think ALL guys look stupid with their shirts tucked in. But, all of my weight is at the BOTTOM of my tummy, so if the shirt's too short or tight I look pregnant. I just went out with one of the polos I usually tuck in tucked out. People who knew me asked if I got fat, & one girl said she would ask me out cause I had a cute face, but with the longer shirt tucked out, she said I looked messy & disheveled, & like I thought of myself as ugly. SO, I can either look STUPID or an overconfident mess. Neither is appealing. What do I do?
Correction: UNDERconfident mess, with my belly being more obvious to boot...
Actually, tucking in my shirt allows my PANTS to suck in & camouflage my problem area, but if my shirt's untucked it HUGS the bit of tummy I have...
It's OK I've been there LOL Just didn't want to sound mean & hurt unyone... Glad you're doing better...


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  • If tucking in your shirt makes it camoflage your fat then do it, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks as long as your confident in what you look like, if your confident in the way you look, women will take notice, because as much as we say we want a hot muscular guy all we really want is someone that has a nice personality, isn't a jerk, and confident in themselves.

    Also, maybe working out would help, you could go on a diet and workout every day, you may not ever have a six pack but you will deff not have a beer belly anymore!

    • AWW, THANKS! It;s not a beer belly. though. I worked out in the pool & started walking & doing the excerecise bike again & lost 60 pounds. Now I'm trying to tighten it up! By the way, even the bragging, fukk of testosterone guys want the same thing from a girl. They find someone nice, & all weight an any other judgements go right out the window.. LOL Thanks for giving me some confidence back...

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    • Oh.. And thanks for the compliment, it really does mean a lot.

    • No problem, your advice did too...

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