Looking away when eye contact is made?

Why would a guy stare at a girl, but then look away as soon as she makes eye contact? (And doesn't try to talk to her either.)


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  • He's probably shy and finds you attractive but is too intimidated to try and talk to you.

    • I am a guy and used to get really nervous around girls. I think he likes you and is just shy about talking to you because he doesn't know if you like him back. If you like him give him small hints or just make it easier for him to talk to you.

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    • Thanks. :)

      No, it's not a big deal, I've actually tried talking to him, but it's difficult to tell if he's just shy or not interested, Haha.

    • If he wasn't "just shy" he would not take the effort to look in the first place.

  • i think he's just shy.

    if you're not sure if he actually likes you, try paying attention to his body language a bit.(google of course)

    worked for me with girls ;)

    so good luck!


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