Guys do you like getting dressed?

I'm not referring to anything special, just nice. You know like you looked in the mirror before you walked out the house. A nice pair of jeans and sneaker shoes or boots and shirt. I've noticed that some guys look like they just rolled out of bed when they go to work. I was just wondering if its because your married and happy that you just don't give a crap how you look? Or is it just that you don't care so its just not important to you?


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  • The thing is we don't care as much as girls do

    if we do, we'd use make up

    we'd keep up with fashion

    we'd compare ourselfs to models



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  • It is not importent for some guys bother about style,they don't bother about what others think about them,as they confident in their performance.There are some people they are not confident about themselves,they always bother about others concepts and thinking about him,his style and appearance.Artists you can see they never bother about their style and appearance,it doesn't mean that they never enjoy beauty,definitly they are the ones really enjoy the beauties in piece by piece in a oeaceful atmosphere.Of course appearance give some attraction,ut it will never overcome natural gift of beauty.I am not mentioning about lazy and crazy youth which are addict to narcotics.


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