He rolled eyes at me while walking by....

i asked this guy out, he knows I liked him, he didn't make it happen, and he played games with me for attention, and I cut off all contact with him of course. he walked by me in school and rolled eyes at me. wtf is his problem? he should be flattered I liked him and now he's rolling eyes at me?! do guys always do this?


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  • No guys don't always do it. Don't really know what I'm supposed to say about the rest of this though...

    • does he have issues or what psycho

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    • It makes sense fine... Basically he doesn't like you, Why? How do I know, I'm not him...

    • well obviously he doesn't like me but he should respect that I liked him and be flattered not be an immature p**** and roll eyes at me like a drama queen

      and your answers I'm sorry but they're very unclear and vague, almost unhelpful

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