Could he possibly think I'm cute?

there's this guy who I've seen around...i've never talked to him or anything but once I saw him at the gym and he kept looking over at me and walked past a few times and then I see him in the dining hall and sometimes he'll glance over at me as he walks past me and tonight he walked past the table me and this guy were sitting at and when he was right next to our table he looked down at the guy as he walked by

i think this guy thinks I'm cute or something..when I saw him at the gym, he looked over at me from the other side of the track and I was the only one over there and the way he looked down at that guy today was in a way like I don't know how to explain it..jealousy? he looked down through the corner of his eyes like he wasn't happy to see him or something lol


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  • well by the looks of it he seems interested in you, but the only sure way to find out if he really is is by asking him, talk to him or something


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  • its a possibility, guys say females play hard to get but at times they do too. but if you think he's hot why not approach him. Right?


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